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Top 5 Best Luxury Villas in Goa

Top 5 Best Luxury Villas in Goa


Goa has always been synonymous with beaches, parties, and an unparalleled sense of freedom. However, the essence of a great Goa experience also lies in where you stay. For those who want an exceptional experience, luxury villas are the way to go. In this blog, we bring you a carefully curated list of the top 5 best Luxury villas in Goa, featuring exclusives like Villa Bandurria and Casa de Tartuga by Shambhala Stays. So, let’s dive into a world of luxury that perfectly complements the vibrant spirit of Goa.

1. Villa Bandurria by Shambhala Stays

Villa Bandurria

The Epitome of Luxury and Comfort

Boasting an innovative modern design that was brought to completion in December 2018, this state-of-the-art villa presents a lavish living experience within an exclusive, gated enclave. The villa is a sanctuary of sumptuousness, featuring a fully air-conditioned living and dining area, alongside three plush bedrooms—each with its own luxe en-suite bathroom. An enchanting terrace adds to the overall allure. Elevating this opulence even further is your own private swimming pool, set amidst a pocket garden teeming with mesmerizing greenery and vibrant floral accents that provide a soul-soothing ambiance.

Strategically located in the vibrant area of Anjuna in North Goa, this villa has all the ingredients for an unforgettable vacation or even a dream honeymoon. The villa is furnished with an elegant blend of Italian and European pieces, as well as some curated from India, creating an atmosphere of unmatched luxury. Adding to this extravagance is a state-of-the-art gourmet kitchen, fully outfitted for the preparation of fine dining experiences. To top it off, we cultivate our own selection of herbs to enhance your culinary ventures. This property is undoubtedly number one on our list of the Top 5 best luxury villas in Goa, where every detail caters to a lifestyle of sophistication and comfort.

2. Casa de Tartuga by Shambhala Stays

Casa De Tartuga

Casa de Tartaruga stands as a remarkable testament to Goa’s rich architectural heritage, representing Number 2 on our list of the Top 5 best luxury villas in Goa. Nestled in the tranquil village of Badem in Assagao, this captivating residence has been around for over half a century. Recently, it has undergone meticulous renovations to bring it up to modern standards, without sacrificing any of its original, old-world allure. The home exudes an unmistakable charm with its high ceilings, expansive verandas, and abundant natural light, setting the stage for a uniquely nostalgic ambiance. Covering a generous 4500 square feet on a three-sided plot bordering Assagao and Anjuna, the villa is almost hidden from view at the main entrance due to its well-planned landscaping. The front garden, adorned with a fish pond and lined with mature, fruit-bearing coconut trees, serves not just as a lush, scenic foreground, but also as a natural privacy screen for guests. Inside, the two-story villa incorporates traditional Goan architectural elements, such as laterite stone walls that are over a foot thick and designed to keep the interiors cool even during the scorching Goan summers. The wrap-around verandas on both levels further contribute to the home’s enduring character. Complementing the built environment is an enchanting garden teeming with a variety of trees, including Coconut, Jackfruit, and Mango Passionfruit, as well as a charming well that supplies clear, sweet water, transporting visitors back to a bygone era.

3. Riviera Sapphire

Riviera Sapphire

Situated in the captivating center of Siolim, Sapphire Bay Villa comes on number 3 of our list of Top 5 Best Luxury Villas in Goa, offering an idyllic sanctuary that perfectly balances seclusion with accessibility to Goa’s dynamic culture and activities. This lavish retreat is set against the backdrop of Siolim’s distinct allure, which unfolds through its bustling markets, iconic beaches such as Morjim and Vagator, cozy cafes, and the historically significant Chapora Fort—all of which are just a stone’s throw away. It’s as if the villa serves as your personal gateway to a rich tapestry of experiences, seamlessly merging the tranquility of a luxurious oasis with the invigorating vitality of Goa’s local life. The villa thus presents not just a lavish stay, but a holistic Goan experience, intricately weaving the area’s lively social fabric into its own plush, tranquil setting.

4.Villa Mira Cansaulim

Villa Mira Cansaulim

Tucked away in an enviable location close to Cansulim, Villa Mira emerges on number 4 on our list of Top 5 best luxury villas in goa , offering an unparalleled haven of serenity where even ordinary beach days transform into magical experiences. As you arrive at this Goan-Portuguese architectural marvel, you are instantly enveloped by an expanse of lush greenery and the enchanting fragrance of blooming flowers, setting the tone for an idyllic retreat. The villa artfully combines traditional Portuguese elegance with modern-day opulence, providing a welcoming atmosphere that promises a truly unforgettable stay. This unique blend of old-world charm and contemporary luxury creates not just a place to stay but an exceptional backdrop for a holistic Goan experience.

5. Kismet Villa – Moira

Kismet Villa - Moira

Situated in the magical town of Moira, Kismet Villa ranks number 5 in our list of Top 5 Best Luxury Villas in Goa, serving as a sanctuary of both tranquility and sophistication for discerning travelers in search of an unparalleled escape. Upon entering this architectural gem inspired by Dutch Gothic designs, you’re immediately transported into a narrative-rich world, where every intricate detail seems to whisper of fate and destiny. The villa doesn’t just offer a place to stay; it provides an experience steeped in history and elegance, beckoning its guests to become a part of its enduring story. Each element within this opulent retreat is a testament to its destined allure, making Kismet Villa not just an extraordinary vacation spot, but a compelling journey through the artistry of design and the magic of place.


These top 5 villas in Goa offer more than just a place to rest your head; they offer experiences, each unique in its own way. From the unparalleled luxury of Villa Bandurria to the Portuguese paradise of Casa de Tartuga, there is something for every kind of traveler. If you’re planning a trip to Goa, make sure to check out these incredible villas for a stay that you will remember for a lifetime.

Note: All villas mentioned in this blog, especially Villa Bandurria and Casa de Tartuga, are in high demand. Early booking is highly recommended to secure your luxurious getaway in Goa.

For the finest villas that epitomize luxury, comfort, and style, trust Shambhala Stays. Offering the best of what Goa has to offer, we ensure your vacation is nothing short of extraordinary. Book your dream villa today and experience the ultimate Goan getaway!

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Villa Bandurria

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