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Luxury Villas for Rent in Delhi

Welcome to the world of Shambhala Stays in Delhi, where “Villa Tambourine” emerges as a paragon of luxury and comfort among “villas in Delhi.” Located in the prestigious Panchsheel Park, this standalone structure is a blend of contemporary design and spacious living. Recognized as one of the “luxury villas in Delhi,” Villa Tambourine is a three-level, four-bedroom villa, boasting a private lawn, personal chef, and a dedicated staff including a caretaker and hospitality team. The villa’s grandeur lies not only in its aesthetic appeal but also in the personalized experience it offers to every guest.

When you Book Villas in Delhi with Shambhala stays, you can rest assured that your stay will be comfortable and fulfilling.

Our Luxury villas in Delhi

Why Stay at our Villas in Delhi

Renting a luxury villa in Delhi, such as Villa Tambourine, offers a distinct blend of opulence and accessibility in India’s vibrant capital. Delhi, a city steeped in history and modernity, presents an array of experiences from historical landmarks to bustling markets and gourmet dining. Opting for a luxury villa in this dynamic city ensures not just a stay but an indulgence in the lap of comfort and elegance. It provides a peaceful haven from the city’s lively pace, while still keeping you connected to its rich cultural tapestry. Villas like Villa Tambourine, situated in prime locations like South Delhi, place guests amidst the city’s upscale neighborhoods, renowned for their high-end boutiques, art galleries, and fine dining establishments. Renting such properties offers the perfect base to explore Delhi’s multifaceted charms while enjoying the highest standards of hospitality and privacy.


Selecting the Perfect Villa for Your Stay in Delhi

  • Prime Location: Ensure the villa is located in a convenient area like South Delhi, close to major attractions and business centers.
  • Exclusive Amenities: Look for villas with unique features like private lawns, personal chefs, and dedicated staff.
  • Cultural Integration: Choose a villa that allows you to experience the local culture and lifestyle.
  • Space and Design: Opt for villas that offer spacious living areas and contemporary design, enhancing your stay experience.


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Delhi combines historical richness with modern luxury, offering a unique stay experience.

Its prime location, contemporary design, spacious living areas, and personalized services.

Expect private lawns, personal chefs, and comprehensive staff services for a comfortable stay.

Some villas, including Villa Tambourine, might offer wellness and fitness amenities. the cafes or spend time at various spiritual centres.

Explore historical monuments, museums, shopping areas, and local markets for a complete Delhi experience.

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