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Book Luxury Villas with Pool in Wada

This hidden gem, situated in the heart of Wada, boasts a rich tapestry of culture and natural beauty, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a serene getaway. Amidst this idyllic setting, Shambhala’s “The Purple Lotus” emerges as a beacon of luxury. As a premier choice among Luxury Villas in wada for rent with a pool ,The Purple Lotus promises an unparalleled experience of comfort and opulence, harmoniously blended with the rustic charm of Wada.
The Purple Lotus Wada - Shambhala Stays

Our Luxury villas in Wada

Why Rent A Villa In Wada?

Renting a luxury villa in Wada with pool, especially The Purple Lotus, offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of nature. 

Surrounded by nature, Wada is close to several tourist attractions, making it an ideal location for a luxury villa. Notable sites include Kohoj Hill, known for its ancient ruins; Vaitarna Dam; Tansa Lake; Govardhan EcoVillage, offering eco tours; Ganeshpuri, famous for its hot springs and geysers; Vandri Lake; Aai Vajreshwari Devi Temple, a religious site; Takmak Fort and Mahuli Fort, known for their historical significance; and Kalyani Village Resort, offering zipline and aerial adventure parks.


Things To Keep In Mind While Booking Luxury Villas For Your Vacation?

Do you also find it difficult to choose luxury villas in Wada? Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you want to stay in the rental villa and make the most out of your trip:


The most important thing to check about any villas in Wada before booking is the location. If you visit Goa for a relaxing and peaceful vacation, the location should be in a peaceful area. On the other hand, you should opt for a rental in a livelier area if you want to be close to all the excitement.

The location of the luxury home rental you’ve picked will also play a big part in determining the kinds of things you can do and places you can go. So, define your purpose first!

Size Of The Villa

The next thing you should check is the size of the villa, how many people it can accommodate, and how many bedrooms and bathrooms the villa has! You’ll probably need a villa with more than one bedroom and bathroom if you’re traveling with a big group of friends. 


Make sure a rental villa in Wada has all the amenities while making your selection. Make a note of every amenity that is a “must-have” before starting your search. Such as: what kind of kitchen amenities are you searching for? Do you need a swimming pool or not? Do you need a jacuzzi? 


The reviews are one of the important aspects to take into account while searching for a rental bungalow in Wada. Nowadays, people check reviews even while going to a restaurant. So while looking for villas in Wada, review checking is a must!

Go and check our reviews. You’ll get to know why we’re called the best place to stay in Wada. You must check all the reviews of the villas that you like before deciding on one! Reviews from previous visitors will help you a lot, mainly in understanding what you should expect from the property.

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Must-visit places include Kohoj Hill, Vaitarna Dam, Tansa Lake, Govardhan EcoVillage, Ganeshpuri hot springs, Vandri Lake, Aai Vajreshwari Devi Temple and Takmak Fort

Wada is approximately 9 km away from the district headquarter Navsari and is easily accessible for a quick getaway.

The Purple Lotus is known for its vast 25-acre setting, luxurious amenities, and a unique farm-to-plate experience.

Wada offers a glimpse into rural Gujarati life and culture, with local temples and traditional practices.

Visitors can enjoy hiking, eco-tours, and water activities at the nearby lakes and forts.

Yes, with its peaceful environment and variety of attractions, Wada is ideal for families.

Yes, Wada offers opportunities to savor local Gujarati cuisine, especially in places like The Purple Lotus.

Wada can be visited throughout the year, but the cooler months offer a more pleasant experience.

Many villas, including The Purple Lotus, provide Wi-Fi access for guests. visit the area on a budget.

Yes, the Aai Vajreshwari Devi Temple and other local temples offer spiritual experiences.

Wada offers various accommodations, including luxury villas like The Purple Lotus.

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