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Best Luxury Villa in Alibaug Near the Beach - Shambala Stays
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Best Luxury Villa in Alibaug Near the Beach

Best Luxury Villa in Alibaug Near the Beach


Tucked away along Alibaug’s stunning coastlines, “The Sangria” villa is the very definition of luxury and beauty. But it’s not just a place to stay; it’s an experience, one that weaves together the allure of nature with unmatched comfort.

A Haven of Luxury Right by the Beach

Located perfectly to capture sweeping views of the deep blue sea, The Sangria is more than just a villa in Alibaug near the beach; it’s a retreat for the soul. Every nook and corner, from the design to the interiors, tells a story of elegance.

Step Inside and Feel the Charm

The moment you walk into The Sangria, you’ll feel its magic. A spacious living room, highlighted by large windows, brings the vastness of the sea right to your feet. Picture yourself unwinding in a stylish space, with the ocean’s waves providing the backdrop. And for those with a love for cooking, our modern, open kitchen offers a blend of luxury and functionality.

Nights of Peace and Dreams

Rest is taken to a whole new level at The Sangria. It boasts two beautiful bedrooms, both gifting you with mesmerizing sea views. As you drift off to sleep, let the rhythmic sound of waves lull you into sweet dreams. Each room comes with a modern en-suite bathroom, equipped with the best amenities to pamper you.

Designed on a single level, the villa offers easy accessibility for everyone, ensuring no one misses out on the experience.

A Taste of Outdoor Luxury

What’s the point of having a beachside villa in Alibaug if you can’t enjoy both the sea and a refreshing pool? At The Sangria, our private plunge pool promises moments of relaxation and fun. And as day turns to night, the skies treat you to a golden spectacle, ensuring every evening is memorable.

Safety in Serenity

While The Sangria offers a peaceful escape, it’s part of a well-regarded residential villa community, ensuring safety and a sense of community. Late-night beach walks or early morning jogs, you’re always in a secure environment.

The Sangria: More than Just a Villa

Whether you’re a couple looking for a quiet escape, a family keen on bonding time, or just someone needing a break, The Sangria is not just a place but a feeling. It brings together the gentle hum of the waves, the luxury of space, and the embrace of nature.

Why just read about it? Come, live the magic. The Sangria by Shambhala Stays awaits you.

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