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Best Exotic Villas in Lonavala for The Perfect Family Vacation - Shambala Stays
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Best Exotic Villas in Lonavala for The Perfect Family Vacation

Best Exotic Villas in Lonavala for The Perfect Family Vacation

Although being a small town, you can enjoy Lonavala’s delicious food cooked in your own villa by taking Luxury villa in Lonavala for rent. You can also enjoy street food, with multiple options around the street thronged by locals, holidaymakers, and day-trippers. There are many good options for Bakeries located in the market serving Indian, European, and Asian food, with a wide range of cocktails and spirits.

If you’re looking for a perfect family vacation destination in Lonavala, Ghar B&B have come up with the best luxury villa in Lonavala which is the Bahisht.

The Bahisht: Blissful Abode

Welcome to Bahisht, where the stay includes 3 bedrooms that can accommodate 10+ people at once. There are three bedrooms on this property, two of which have a king-sized bed and one of which has a single bed, all of which have views of the garden, private bathrooms, and ceiling fans. This elegant mansion is exactly the place you have been looking for to relax and rejuvenate.  This villa endorses exquisiteness and elegance that would make your stay mesmerizing. The Bahisht villa is considered a beautiful property and one of the best luxury villas in Lonavala with a swimming pool basking in the glory of the afternoon sun. 

This exceptionally minimalist design villa has an air conditioning system, a pet-friendly atmosphere, a refrigerator, a smoking area, wireless internet, and more. The dining room in our home is so spacious enough to accommodate ten persons. There is lots of sitting on a huge open verandah that overlooks a beautiful garden. A single bed may be found in one of the rooms. 

Our employees live in an outhouse that includes a kitchen. As a result, guests can be certain that their personal information is safe with us. A huge gazebo and a few hammocks may be seen in the garden. The gazebo is the perfect spot to have a cup of tea or coffee in the morning.



The Bahisht Villa is a grand property and undoubtedly one of the luxury villas in Lonavala for rent. If you are looking for a Luxury villa in Lonavala, this one is the epitome of perfection situated in the Khandala.  This villa is a perfect place that redefines elegant stay, where you can head for your upcoming vacation. 

The narrative of Bahisht dates back over two centuries. The house has been a family home for generations, and each generation has added its own particular touches to it. The villa has preserved its old-world beauty. It is Khandala’s first residence that is meticulously conserved throughout the years. 


Final Word

Now you have a fair idea about the best Luxury villa in Lonavala, it’s time to book the Bahisht. Ghar B&B has curated farmhouses, villas, and more with unforgettable luxury. With us, all client inquiries are guaranteed a response time of at least 50 minutes, regardless of the time of day or night. To reserve your property, just send an email, text, or WhatsApp message.

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