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Best Luxury Villas in Lonavala for Rent
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Best Luxury Villas in Lonavala for Rent

It’s that time of the year again when you want to come out from your day-to-day boring life and explore the other facets. This is the time when people prefer to take a break from the busy city life and enjoy the starry night. 

Now the main question is where should you go? One of the most popular places in India is Lonavala. If you are looking for places where you won’t have to do much social interaction, a staycation sounds good, and when we talk about staycation what is a better place than villas in Lonavala with pool?

One of the most well-liked tourist spots in Maharashtra, Lonavala is far from the bustle of the city. This hill town also known as the “Jewel of Sahyadri” and the “City of Caverns,” has everything that you expect at a tourist destination from gorgeous environments to lush green valleys, magnificent waterfalls, peaceful lakes, and wonderful caves.  Take out time from your busy life and book bungalows in Lonavala from Shambhala Stays.

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Services At Shambhala Stays

We offer several services, such as;

  • Bungalows on rent
  • Bungalows on rent with pool
  • Villas on rent
  • Villas for film shootings
  • Farm house for film shooting
  • Bungalows and villas for corporate and social parties

Why Rent A Luxury Villa in Lonavala From Shambhala Stays?

You can stay in a variety of accommodations while on vacation. You can stay in a budget hotel or resort or book a private condo or villa for your trip to Lonavala. Here at Shambhala Villas, we’d like to highlight some of the wonderful advantages of booking a private villa with us.

More Privacy 

What? You must be thinking about how this point is valid. You can have privacy in the hotel room too! Well, read to understand!

It’s important to have the ability to unwind while on vacation. At a hotel or resort, it can be difficult to concentrate on your work because other guests are yelling, running around the halls, and making noise in the room next to yours. 

Instead of cramming your family into a few small hotel rooms, renting a villa in Lonavala allows you to spread out over the entire home. If you need privacy from even your own family, each of you can have a bedroom to yourselves. Finally, you can unwind because nobody is bothering you!


Those hotel rooms are relatively small in size. It can be challenging to fit four people in there with only one bathroom when on vacation. However, your own villa also comes with a full kitchen, a dining room, a living room, and—best of all—a private outdoor gathering space with a deck or patio, a private pool, and breathtaking views. This gives you plenty of space to stretch out.

Perfect For Groups

Hotels are able to accommodate group travellers, but private villas unquestionably offer a superior experience. The likelihood of receiving separate rooms on different levels in hotels greatly reduces the amount of time the group can spend together. 

It’s not even a good idea to spend time in public spaces like the restaurant or lobby because you’ll be sharing them with other hotel guests. When renting a rental villa in Lonavala, everyone is housed together. 

Due to the near proximity of the rooms and the big dining spaces, everyone may eat together. Additionally, renting a single private villa for the entire group is probably more affordable than having to reserve many hotel or resort rooms.

Personalized Services

Our villas also have devoted employees to take care of their visitors’ needs. A private chef, a villa manager, and a housekeeping crew are typically on staff. They will cater for you based on your preferences and treat you personally whereas in hotels you can have a generic experience.

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What Is The Best Place To Stay In Lonavala? Villas With Pool In Lonavala

Now that you have a place in mind that is Lonavala you need a place to stay. Shambhala Stays offers a large variety of services to cater to your several needs, from planning a birthday party, weddings, corporate parties and even film shootings. We provide bungalows, villas, and farmhouses with and without pools.

There is a range of housing options to choose from and also several amenities are available.

Once you book villas in Lonavala with us, many attractions of Lonavala, like historical landmarks, natural beauties, and religious sites are just nearby.

Amenities Provided By Shambhala Stays

Our villas on rent in Lonavala provide several amenities like:

  • 4 Bedrooms
  • Outdoor Dining area
  • Hot Water 24/7
  • Bath Tub
  • Library
  • Parking Space
  • Lounge
  • Gaming Area
  • Projectors Facility
  • Extra Large Double Bed

There are several other amenities available on the site and any additional questions can be solved by putting them in the enquiry box. One of the best things about this place that pet lovers are going to love is that they allow pets for free.

Book A Heritage Villa Lonavala At Shambhala Stays- Experience Best Hospitality

Our villas have an enduring charm and are positioned on the hill in a comfortable and responsible manner. Being so close to nature, our property is an absolute luxury. If you make a reservation in advance, you get low prices as well. 

Lonavala’s first and most comprehensive villa rental company, Shambhala Stays is best known as a place with the greatest amenities required for a relaxed stay.

We at Shambhala Stays offer a wide range of services for villa on rent in Lonavala, where we supply all the necessary goods and services with the sole purpose of giving the visitor comfort. 

Start preparing for your trip to Lonavala. We’re here to help you turn your vision of an incredible Lonavala trip into a reality in the tropical haven we call home! You can count on only the best accommodations and services when you choose to stay with us. We are eager to have you at Shambhala Stays and create an amazing holiday!


Some of the most popular luxury villas in Lonavala are Shambhala – by the lake, Leela Villa, Amara Villa, and Eternelle Bungalow.

A 30-kilometre drive from Lonavala, Shambhala-by the lake gives a wonderful experience of a lake touch guesthouse.

Family vacations in Shambhala accommodations are a fantastic choice because they provide both indoor and outdoor places. Some villas allow pets as well.

Shambhala stays offer a great choice for individuals or small groups looking for a corporate get away with a lake view amidst the serene mountains.

Shambhala stays in Lonavala offer the facility of a pool along with a stunning view of the lake amidst the serene mountains.

Shambhala stays is one of the best villas in Lonavala for a weekend stay away from the hustle of city-life. 

Other than the pristine beauty of hills and greenery, Lonavala is also famous for its Chikki. It is also famous for its lakes and unexplored waterfalls.

Tiger’s point, Karla and Bhaja caves, Bhushi Dam, Duke’s Nose, Lonavala lake, forts, celebrity wax museum are some of the popular tourist attractions in Lonavala.

Lonavala is famous for Chikki. Other local food that you must try includes Vada Pav, Maharashtrian usal, butter chicken and chole bhature.

The Lohegaon Pune Airport is 64 kms away from Lonavala. Travelling by train is also a good option as many express trains crossing Mumbai-Pune stop at Lonavala. Or, you can take the Mumbai-Pune expressway if you want to enjoy a road trip to Lonavala.

 Yes, there are many options of renting a bike in Lonavala. You get the advantage of enjoying some of the offbeat places in Lonavala on a bike.

The Mumbai airport is 100 kms away from Mumbai. You can also take any express train in Mumbai, most of which stop in Lonavala. By road, the distance is 210 kms which can be covered in approximately 5 hours.

The Lohegaon Pune Airport is 64 kms away from Lonavala. The fastest train takes around 50 mins from Pune to Lonavala. A road trip will take around 1.5 hours via Bengaluru-Mumbai highway.

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